This page provides steps for getting started with the Infosys Equinox platform.

Step 1: Request a Business on Infosys Equinox.

Request a private business and store for yourself and your team by sending an email, including your name, company, role/title, and email address to Approved requestors will be provided an Infosys Equinox sandbox that includes a business, a store (with sample data, if desired), and login credentials that they can use to try out our platform, including Infosys Equinox’s Admin User Consoles (business tooling).

See the instructions at the link below to register your account and set a password.

Step 2: Try Out Our APIs Using a Postman Collection.

As a developer this will allow you to get quickly up to speed on the depth and breadth of our APIs and how to interact them. Checkout the following resources for details.

Step 3: Build Your Application Using Infosys Equinox’s Java SDK.

Build your first “Hello World” e-commerce application using our SDK. This will also give you a step by step guide on what toolsets to use, how to install them and finally how to use them to build your first application. Checkout Writing and Executing the Hello World Code Using Infosys Equinox’s APIs and Java SDK, for a working development sample.

Available Infosys Equinox Platform Assets

See the Developer Resources for Infosys Equinox page in Developer Central for resources available in our Artifactory.


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