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This page provides a tour of the Infosys Equinox Admin User Console.


The Infosys Equinox Admin User Console is a user interface that allows Business Admins to manage the entire Infosys Equinox platform by managing businesses, services, and stores associated with the business as well as individual microservices.

Note: All screenshots and URLs on this page are for demonstration purposes only. You will be assigned a Business during the on-boarding process whose name will NOT likely match any of the Business names represented on this page.


Login to the Admin Console for Your Business

  • Navigate to your Business’ Foundation login page, for example:
  • Enter your email address and password on the Sign In screen

  • Click the Sign in button.

  • If multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been enabled, you will be prompted for a for a one-time password (OTP) Verification code after sign in.

  • Check your registered email’s inbox for an email with the random and unique OTP verification code from Infosys Equinox.
    • If you do not find the email in your inbox, check your SPAM folder.
    • If you do not find the email in your inbox or SPAM folder, click the Resend Code? link on the login screen (see above).

  • Enter the Verification Code from the email on the Sign In screen.
  • Click the Sign In button.
  • You will be directed to the Business Overview page for your Business. In this example, we are seeing the Business landing page for the SFO Business.

Business Landing Page

  • After successful sign in, you will be navigated to an initial landing page, which will give you access to your Business(es) and Business Team.
    • In this example, there is only one (1) business available to the Business Admin, but it is possible for Business Admins to manage multiple business, all of which would appear on this landing page.  If the user has access to only one (1) business, they will land on the Business Overview page.

      Note: Each Business, Store, and Microservice list page in the Infosys Equinox Admin Console includes content search functionality.

View or Edit Admin User Account Profile

Manage Admin User Account Profile

  • Click your name in the greeting dropdown at the top right hand side of any page on the site to reveal the View Profile option.

  • Click View Profile in the dropdown.

  • Make any desired changes to your user profile and click the Save changes button.

Manage Team Members

Team Overview Tab

  • Click the Team tab on the Business landing page to be navigated to the Team Overview page.

  • On the Team Overview page, you can search for and edit existing accounts or invite new team members.

View and Edit Team Member Details

  • Click the desired Team member’s row in the Team Members list.

  • Make any desired changes to the Team Member’s profile and click the Update button.

Invite New Team Members

  • Click the Invite Members button.

  • Supply the user’s email address and click the check box for each Business for which the user should have access.
  • Click the Send Invite button when done.

    An invite has been sent to the users.
  • After the new account is created, the new Team Member will receive an email from asking them to activate the account.

  • Search for the new team member’s account in the Team Members list page.

  • The new team member account will appear in the list with a Not Activated status until the team member activates the account.

Manage Businesses and Stores

Navigate to the Business’ Admin Console

  • Under the Businesses tab on the Business landing page, click the row for the Business to be managed.

  • You will be navigated to the Business Overview tab of the Business Admin Console where you can manage:
    • Basic business information
    • Microservices available to the business
    • Business keys and credentials
    • Additional business properties (advanced)
  • Click the Save button when done

Business Overview Tab

  • Business Information

  • Available Microservices
  • Keys & Credentials
  • Advanced

Microservices Tab

  • Click the Microservices tab to create and configure microservice collections.

  • Click the button for the microservice you wish to manage (e.g. Customers).

  • Click Create Collection button to create a new Collection for the microservice.
  • Click the row for an existing Collection or its Configure button to edit an existing Collection for the microservice.

Note: Collection ID and Name should be noted as this information is needed to associate a microservice’s collection with a Store or Stores.

Stores Tab

  • Click the Stores tab to add and configure Stores for the Business.

Add a Store

  • Click the Add a Store button to create a new store.

  • Complete the required information and click the Create button when done.

Edit a Store

  • Hover over the desire store and click the Edit button to edit store details.

  • Edit the Store’s:
    • Basic information
    • Service Associations
    • Additional Properties (advanced)
    • Storefront (SF) Orchestration Properties
  • Click the Save button when done

Store Overview Tab

  • Store Info

  • Service Association

  • Advanced

  • SF Orchestration Properties

Store Operations

  • Click the row for the desire Store to navigate to the Store’s landing page.

  • Click the button associated with any of the store’s available microservices on the Store Operations page to manage the Store’s data for that microservice (e.g. Customers).

Menu Navigation to Available Microservices

Store Operations Pancake Menu

  • All available Store microservices can be launched from the pancake menu within each microservice.
  • Click the desired microservice in the menu to launch it for the active Store.

  • Click the Stores menu option within the active microservice to navigate to the list of available Stores.

The All Stores page displays the list of stores:

  • Click the Store Overview menu option to return to the Store Operations page.

    The list of available services for the store is displayed:

Menu Navigation to Business Admin Page

  • Click the Go to dropdown option and then Business Admin option in the header on the Store Operations and All Stores pages to return to the Business Admin page.
    Business Admin in Store Operations:
    Business Admin in the All Stores page.

Logout of Business Admin Console

  • Click your name in the greeting dropdown at the top right-hand side of any page on the site to reveal the Logout option.

  • Click Logout in the drop down.

  • You will be returned to the Sign In screen.



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