This page gives an overview of the Customers (User) microservice, including core features, for the Infosys Equinox platform.


Infosys Equinox’s Customers (User) microservice (“Customers”) enables your business to create and manage all customer information like registrations, orders, addresses, and privacy and consent preferences (user profiles) and allows a business to store everything about its customers in one place. Along with profiles, Customer manages the end-user’s attributes like identities, passwords, addresses, custom properties, notes, and consents. It provides various functionalities like inviting user, activation, resetting the password with email or security questions, and validating end-user credentials.

Customers manages the profile of both admin users and customers of the storefront. Admin users are those who use and manage the Infosys Equinox Content Management System and/or Infosys Equinox Administration tool based on their roles associated with the Authorization Microservice. The customers of the storefront are the consumers (end-users) who browse and purchase products from their mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.

See the Customers (User) glossary for definitions of some key Customers (User) microservice terms.

Core Features

Customers’ powerful interface simplifies managing a business’ customers across all retail channels. It enables a business to access and manage all customer data where it can:

  • Build and maintain millions of rich and secured user profiles
  • Support SSO and Social Login with social network logins like Google and Facebook
  • Manage Customer address book for shipping and billing addresses
  • Manage Customer’s payment methods
  • Review all order history for each customer
  • Provides various administration functionalities including the ability to invite users, account activation, resetting passwords with email or security questions, and validating end-user credentials.
  • Manage all customer information such as sign-ups, names, emails, and phone numbers
  • Manage settings related to GDPR compliance
  • Store multiple shipping and billing addresses in a customer account
  • Set default billing address
  • Manage consent settings for customers
  • Download personal data
  • Ability to add notes for a customer by a Customer Admin or CSR user. 
  • Manage customer account(s) by a CSR user
  • Provide appeasement to a customer by a CSR Admin or CSR user
  • Ability to set password validity (in days).
  • Ability to display PV, CV, and SB discounts at the item and order levels for a normal order or subscription order. (New!)
  • Ability to display PV, CV, and SB discounts at the item and order levels for a normal product or special products. (New!)
  • Ability to display a free product for special products and subscribed products. (New!)
  • Support for return, replace, or exchange normal products with the gift items has been provided. (New!)
  • Ability to calculate loyalty points based on “Reward point eligible products”. (New!)
  • Ability to place an order on behalf of a guest user. (New!)
  • Allows a CSR to place an order which can earn loyalty points for a customer. (New!)
  • Ability to display Loyalty Rewards Program status “OPTED-IN” or “OPTED-OUT”. (New!)
  • Ability to choose different variants for a bundle product or special products. (New!)
  • Ability to notify a customer via email on order placement of the special products and their sub-products that has been chosen. (New!)
  • Ability to subscribe a product and special products on behalf of a customer. (New!)
  • Ability to set frequency (such as Monthly, Every 2 Months, and Every 3 Months) at the item level while placing a subscription order on behalf of the customer. (New!)
  • Ability to change the processing order date of the next immediate subscription. (New!)
  • Ability to process the subscription order immediately. (New!)
  • Ability to update a subscription for a customer if the freeze window has not started. (New!)
  • Ability to update Quantity and Frequency. (New!)
  • Ability to add a new item to the subscription. (New!)
  • Ability to cancel all or the selected subscription items. (New!)
  • Ability to skip or un-skip a subscription item. (New!)

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