This page gives an overview of the Notification microservice, including core features, for the Infosys Equinox platform.


The Notification microservice (“Notification”) is responsible for sending email and SMS notifications whenever needed. Notification helps integrate events between Infosys Equinox microservices and third-party services. Notification can be used to create and manage specific actions for any events that can be triggered in other microservices. Creating and sending a standard personalized email or SMS (text) can be done by triggering the events that are configured in Notification, which also requires a template in third-party providers and the recipient list. The user can use the feature of sending email or SMS to send an email notification to administrators or to consumers when a certain event or combination of events occurs. Notification can be called either by triggering an event or directly calling the REST application programming interface (API) available in this microservice.

Core Features

  • Event-driven notifications triggered by the customer or admin/editor
  • Seamless integration with leading marketing notification vendors to provide a rich set of email, SMS, and push notification capabilities
  • Ability to manage actions, events, and triggers made by your customers all in one place
  • Ability to map events to one or more actions via any channel

Event-Driven Notification

Notification service manages notifiable events triggered from the Commerce microservices and notifies the consumer or administrator users of every significant event that is triggered during their journey. These events are pushed to an event queue that is listened to and processed by notification service and notifies the consumers through email or SMS (text). For example,

  • When an order is placed by a consumer on the storefront, the order event is placed in an event queue, processed, and an email with order information is triggered to the consumer’s email address.
  • When a Catalog is created by a catalog editor, a notification is triggered to the catalog manager notifying the creation of the new catalog.

Notification Channels

  • Email: Users are notified via email.
  • SMS: Users are notified via SMS (text).


Each event is mapped with one (1) or more actions. The action can be either to notify user via an email or via SMS (text) or both. For example, when an order is placed, the consumer is notified both via email and SMS (text).

Third-Party Integrations

The email and SMS (text) are delivered to users via third-party service providers. Sendgrid (for Email) and ValueFirst (for SMS) are the third-party service providers that are integrated as a reference implementation in Infosys Equinox Commerce.

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