This page provides the list of events and associated payloads for the Promotions microservice.

List of Events

SL.#NameDescriptionPublish LocationRouting KeyDurabilityPayload Type
1Promocode Blocked or AssignedThis event is triggered when a promocode is blocked or assigned.Queue: promotion.block/assignn/atruePromotion.Block/Assign
2Project CreatedThis event is triggered when a project is created.Topic: ecommpromotion.project.createdfalsePromotionPayload
3Project UpdatedThis event is triggered when a project's state is changed.Topic: ecommpromotion.project.updatedfalsePromotionPayload
4Cache ClearThis event is triggered when the publish feed is completed or when cache clear is required.Topic: ecommpromotion.listener.#truePromotionCacheClear

Payload Models

Below are the payloads for the Promotions microservice.


promoCodesInfo.promoCodeStringHolds the promocode. The maximum length is 64. This field should not be null or empty.FLAT50
promoCodesInfo.confirmationCodeStringContains the confirmation code of the promocode.confirm1
promoCodesInfo.responseCodeStringHolds the response code.promotion response code
promoCodesInfo.responseMessageStringHolds the response message.promotion response message
typeStringIndicates the type of transaction, such as ASSIGN or BLOCK.BLOCK
idStringContains the ID of the order.Order1


project.nameStringContains the name of the project. The minimum and maximum length of this field is 5 and 50, respectively. This field should not contain null or empty.PromotionName
project.stateStringContains the state of the project, such as OPEN, SUBMITTED, APPROVED, DENIED, and REOPENED.Open
project.idStringIndicates the unique identifier of the project. This field is generated automatically. This attribute holds a value in the request for the update and delete operation.id123
project.auditData[].createdOnDateHolds the date, when the project was created.02-12-1995
project.auditData[].updatedOnDateHolds the date, when the project was updated.02-12-2018
project.auditData[].createdByStringHolds the ID of the user, who has created the project.user123
project.auditData[].updatedByStringHolds the ID of the user, who has updated the project.user123
project.projectNotes[].descriptionStringHolds the description of the project operation.Project is created.
project.projectNotes[].createdOnDateHolds the date, when the project note was created.02-1-2018
project.projectNotes[].createdByStringHolds the ID of the user, who has created the project note.user123
project.targetCompletionDateDateHolds the target completion date of the project.15-11-2019
project.actualCompletionDateDateHolds the actual completion date of the project.12-11-2019
project.descriptionStringContain the description of the project. This is an optional field. There is no restriction on the minimum and maximum lengths.Project is up to date.
project.collectionIdStringIndicates the unique ID of the collection.123


requestParameters.versionIdstringHolds the ID of the publish version.1567000000
requestParameters.collectionIdlongIndicates the unique ID of the collection.1
requestParameters.typestringHolds the publish type. The publish types are FULL, ROLLBACK, and INCREMENT.FULL
requestParameters.userIdlongIndicates the ID of the user.5
requestParameters.authTokenstringHolds a valid authorization token of a user.eyJhbGciOiJIUzUxMiJ9.eyJjcmVhdGVkIjoxNTYwMjQ3MTkxMzkwLCJleHAiOjE1NjAyNTQzOTEsImhhc2giOiJlZDJmN2E3ZWJkODU5YzE4ZjQzNWYyNzAyOTk5ZDA5NCIsImF1dGhvcml0aWVzIjoiW3tcInJvbGVzXCI6e1wiUk9MRV9TVVBFUl9BRE1JTlwiOntcInR5cGVcIjpcIlNUQU5EQVJEXCJ9fX1dIiwidXNlcm5hbWUiOiIxIn0.tD8VpfqhK2YaxN8doLWOiRizszgW4mT8iWBkjxwiFxQwo71HJMdkYZO7Wy49uTpmwH_D1iSiBaGzDWDbdEQYfA

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