Term Definition
Shipping Classes Shipping classes are product attributes that categorizes the products based on the nature of their shipping property.
Example: A large product which is not allowed to ship in a flight is categorized under Shipping Class = “LARGE” , so that overnight shipping method is not supported.
Shipping Cost The cost charged the consumer for shipping an ordered item to a recipient’s destination.
Shipping Methods The shipping rates are configured and calculated based on the business logic. Shipping methods are configured as a separate entity and tied up with the respective zones. A rule engine is to be applied in order to calculate the rates and select the respective shipping method.
Shipping Zones A geographical area to which you ship items. The shipping cost is calculated based on the recipient’s shipping address. The zones are configured with the country and the zip codes that falls under the zone. Any number of shipping zones can be created in a shipping collection, however a consumer matches only one (1) zone for each item based on the shipping address provided for each item. If there is no matching zone or method for an item in the cart, then that item cannot be shipped to the recipient’s destination.

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