This page gives an overview of the Subscription microservice, including core features, for the Infosys Equinox Commerce platform.


The Subscription microservice provides the functionality for users to subscribe to products that are purchased frequently or at regular intervals of time. Once the consumers are in the product details page, an additional purchase option called “Subscribe” would be available along with Buy now/one-time purchase. The Subscribe option allows the consumer to recurrently purchase the product as needed by them utilizing the price relaxation levied upon it. Whether a product supports subscription mode of purchase or not is configured/specified in catalog while defining it.

The related configurations (such as subscription frequency, order processing intervals, etc.) are configured as collection properties. Depending on the subscription frequency preferred by the customers, the orders are generated at pre-configured intervals and the product deliveries are fulfilled to the consumers with ease systematically.

Similar to other Infosys Equinox microservices, Infosys Equinox Commerce Subscription enables both user and administrator-facing services. User services are consumed throughout transactional workflows emanating from the storefront whereas administrative services support the ability to manage subscriptions from the administrative application.

See the Subscription glossary for definitions of some key Subscription microservice terms.

Core Features

  • Supports subscription request placement.
  • Supports subscription request information modification.
  • Supports search of the subscription requests.
  • Segregates cart processing for the subscription.
  • Ability to cancel the subscription request.
  • Ability to skip the next delivery from the subscription recurring order.
  • Ability to cancel the subscription by selecting the delete icon.
  • Ability to distinguish between order placed as subscriptions and one-time order(s).

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