Frequently Asked Questions for the Subscription Microservice

Q) How to set up whether a SKU is subscribe-able or not?

While creating a SKU in the Catalog microservice, an admin can specify or configure a SKU as subscribe-able or not. Based on this attribute selection, subscribe mode of purchase would be shown for a SKU in the Storefront PDP appropriately.

Q) How to set up subscribe-able frequency for a SKU, which will be displayed in the Storefront?

At subscription collection level, an admin can set the subscription frequency for the subscribe-able SKUs. The set subscription frequency appears in the Catalog microservice, where the admin user can specify the frequency required for a SKU. The set subscription frequency for a SKU will be displayed in the Storefront.

Q) How do the subscription orders get processed?

Subscription orders are processed based on the intervals specified while configuring the subscription collection or SKU in the Catalog. Following are the different intervals for subscription order processing in consideration:

  • Subscription first order processing interval
  • Subscription forthcoming order interval
  • Subscription order intimation notification interval

Sample for determining dates:

Assume, a user has subscribed for ‘Dishwasher’ for 12 months on a monthly basis. A subscription request placement date by a user: 12/03/2018 [MM/DD/YYYY] and delivery date gets set as 12/17/2018 [MM/DD/YYYY], then the above mentioned dates gets fixed as stated below:

  1. First subscription order processing date = 12/03/2018 + 7 days [Order processing time interval set for 1st order] = 12/10/2018
  2. E-mail notification to intimate order processing = 12/10/2018 – 5 days [order notification time interval set] – 12/05/2018
    • On December 5th, 2018, e-mail notification would be sent for user intimating the order processing for the subscribed product
    • Within 10th of December, a user would be allowed to perform updates on the subscription order [Like cancel, pause, skip]
  3. For the second frequency of deliverable for the subscribed product, order processing date set as mentioned below,
    • Place order date/Order processing date = 01/17/2019 [Delivery date] – 7 days [order processing interval for forthcoming orders] = 01/10/2019
    • Notification trigger date = 01/10/2019 [place order date] – 5 days [notification trigger interval] = 01/05/2019

Q) How to set the subscription price for a SKU?

Subscription percentage (discount percentage) has to be implied on the sale price of a SKU, which can be defined in the pricelist. Based on the percentage set, discounted price would be shown in storefront.

Q) Does a SKU opted for subscription reflect in one-time purchase cart?

No. Subscription requested SKU would be processed separately.

Q) How many SKUs can be subscribed in a single subscription request?

Only one SKU is allowed in a subscription request.

Q) Where can the users see the subscriptions they have requested for?

To view the list of all subscription requests of a logged-in user, go to “My Accounts” > “Subscription”.

Q) What actions can a user perform upon a subscription request?

Users can edit or cancel the subscription request as needed. A user can edit only the shipping, billing, or payment information.

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