Term Definition
Business The parent of a store or set of stores. The basic use of a business is to manage common sets of users, catalogs, and other services for the stores associated with the business.
Business Admin A role that manages business settings, creates and manages stores, and enables microservice(s) for a business.
Customer A business consumer or buyer on the Business’ B2B storefront.
Product  A good, service, or idea that has a combination of tangible and intangible attributes and can have multiple variants which are referred to as stock keeping units (SKUs). In Infosys Equinox Commerce, the consumer/buyer evaluates a product (for example, a men’s dress shoe available in black and brown and in sizes from 10 to 15), but actually purchases a SKU associated with the product (for example, a black colored version of the dress shoe in size 12) rather than the product itself.
Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) A particular variant of a product which is available for purchase by a consumer/buyer.
Store Represents a specific physical location or online store of a business.
Storefront A consumer-facing website that presents products, content, and promotions across multiple channels such as desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Subscription Collects a recurring payment in exchange for recurring product deliveries or on-going service.
Subscription Admin Manages the subscription requests.

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