Managing Your Profile

A user can view/update their profile and/or reset their password in the My Account page.

In this section, you can:

Update User Account

You can update the user account for details such as email ID, name, phone number, and language preferences.

To update the user profile,

  1. Click your profile available on the top-right of the header menu. 


  2. In the My Account page, edit the field details.
    The following table provides the field description for updating the profile:



    Email ID

    Edit the email ID of the user account.

    First Name

    Edit the first name of the user account.

    Last Name

    Edit the last name of the user account.

    Phone Number

    Edit the contact number of the user account.

    Language Preferences

    Select the language preference from the drop-down list.

Reset Password

You can reset the password using the CHANGE PASSWORD button.

To reset the password,

  1. Click your profile name available on the top-right of the header menu.
  2. In the My Account page, click CHANGE PASSWORD.
  3.  Update the password details and click Get OTP. An OTP is sent to the email id of the user.

    • To resend the OTP, click Resend OTP.
    • To reset the fields, click CLEAR.
  4.  Enter the OTP received on email and Click RESET PASSWORD.


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