Add a Category

A category is a group of similar or related products. It appears as part of the navigation tree in the storefront. The categories are organized within the site navigation to display the appropriate navigation tree structure in the storefront. To add a Category, navigate to Categories > ADD CATEGORY.

Creating a category structure for your product list helps you map products to the category.

How can I?

  • Add a category
  • Add Category details
  • Include Products under a Category
  • Add Category Images
  • Add SEO details
  • Add Category Attributes
  • Preview Category

Create a Category

You can add a category and select products under a category. You can configure multiple levels of sub-category under a root category.

How can I?

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Video Contents

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Categories Page (0:12)
  • Add a Category (0:41)
  • Add Category Details (1:19)
  • Select Products under Category (1:26)
  • Add Assets (1:39)
  • Add SEO Details (1:50)
  • Include Category Attributes (2:02)
  • View Categories in the Storefront (2:18)

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