Add a Product to the Store

Building products in your store is a vital step in enhancing your online store.  You can easily add your products or bundles to the Simba console.

How can I?

  • Create a product
  • Add details to the product
  • Add assets to the product
  • Map category to the product
  • Add Attribute details
  • Add Search Engine Optimization(SEO) details
  • Add SKU variants
  • Add products to the bundle (applicable only for Bundle product type)
  • Preview the product in the storefront

Create Your Products

Creating your products with just a few clicks.

How can I?

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Video Contents

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Add a Product (0:43)
  • Add Product Details (1:07)
  • Map Category (2:05)
  • Upload Assets (2:23)
  • Include Upsell or Cross-Sell Products (2:46)
  • Add Attributes (3:09))
  • Add SKU Details(3:20)
  • SKU Attributes, Inventory, and Pricing (4:09)
  • Update Product for Selected Locale (4:50)
  • Save the Product(5:06)
  • Preview in the Storefront (5:08)

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