Bulk Update Product Details

You can bulk update the product details via Batch processing in the All Products page. You can perform batch processing for one or more products selected on a page, currently filtered products, or all products on the website. To bulk update products, navigate to All Products > Batch Processing.

How can I?

  • Batch process by selected products
  • Batch process by filtered products
  • Batch process all products in the site
  • Bulk update the Brand field
  • Bulk update the Short Description of the product
  • Bulk update the Product Body
  • Bulk update the User Segment
  • Bulk update the Product Family

Batch Process Products

You can bulk update the brand field, short description, product body, user segment, and product family details.

How can I?

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Video Contents

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Batch Process the Selected Products (0:31)
  • Batch Process Filtered Products (0:41)
  • Batch Process Products in the Site (0:50)
  • Example Batch Processing (0:58)
  • Action Type for Batch Processing (1:17)
  • Read and Accept Warning Message (1:53)
  • Begin Batch Processing (2:06)

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