Define a Shipment Method

The Simba application facilitates the processing of shipments made via different shipment instruments. The Shipment Method allows the merchant to install and configure one or more approved third-party shipment method applications that are required for the business. You can create and manage the shipment methods that a customer sees at the checkout page. You can configure locale-specific shipment methods.

Prerequisite: Before you start, ensure that you install and configure the required shipment application from the Marketplace.

With Simba console, you can manage and associate the following shipments as shipment methods:

  • DPD Application
  • Generic Delivery Option Shipping Application
  • ShippyPro Application

Key points which detail the fields for defining the shipment method:

Field Description
General Tab
Tax Rate The tax for the shipping option is calculated in the storefront based on the VAT Rate defined in this field.
Start Date and End Date
The selected date will be the effective date for this shipment method in the storefront.


  • If you DO NOT enter the start date and time, then the date is set to the current date and time. This is default
  • If you DO NOT enter the end date and time, then the payment method is active in the storefront indefinitely
  • Active: the shipment method is activated and available for use in the storefront.
  • Inactive: the shipment method is deactivated, and it cannot be used in the storefront unless it is activated again.
  • Preview: the shipment method is visible only for the merchant in the storefront. The shipment method is not visible to the buyer in the storefront.
Calculation Formula tab
Basic Price Ex VAT
  • Tired calculation method: This value can be empty for the tiered calculation method since the defined ranges starting from a single unit would be considered for tired calculation.
  • Proportionate calculation method: This value is used to define the minimum order value to avoid extremely low shopping costs for small orders.
Elements Selection tab
Add Rule / Add Group You can configure conditions by adding one or more rules or group of rules to a shipment method.

How can I?

  • Add Shipment
  • Add General Information
  • Configure Calculation Formula
  • Configure Conditions

Install and configure the applications

Define the required shipment method with just a few clicks.

How can I?

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