Set Up the Store settings

Under Store settings, you can easily manage the store’s profile information, stock details, maximum items required for a cart, registration type required for a guest user to sign up, post login redirection URL to display for a guest user, and Warehouse address required for the store. To configure the store settings, you need to navigate to Settings > Store.

How can I?

  • Set up the store settings for your business
  • Set up the basic store details
  • Set up inventory and cart details for a store
  • Set up account registration for guest users
  • Set up the storefront view
  • Allow guest users to access the store
  • Add a warehouse address

Set up the store settings

Setting up the store with the basic and advanced details.

How can I?

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Video Contents

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Store Information Tab (0:13)
  • Inventory (0:32)
  • Cart Limitation (0:51)
  • Allow Guest User (0:58)
  • Warehouse Address Tab (2:02)

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