This page gives an overview of the Feeds microservice for the Infosys Equinox platform.


The Feeds microservice (“Feeds”) is used to trigger or schedule an ETL job on a Pentaho server. ETL is a type of data integration that refers to the three steps (extract, transform, load) used to blend data from multiple sources. During this process, data is taken (extracted) from a source system, converted (transformed) into a format that can be analyzed, and stored (loaded) into a data warehouse or other system. Extract, load, transform (ELT) is an alternate but related approach designed to push processing down to the database for improved performance.

The following activities are driven through the Feeds service:

  1. Data Import
  2. Data Export
  3. Project Approval
  4. Data Indexing in Search Engine (SOLR)

The following services use Feeds service:

Service Reference
Ratings & Reviews

Core Features

Service Features
  • Ability to reflect the category aliases in the categories by reindexing the category aliases.
  • Ability to show the display name along with the attribute ID in the filter.
  • Ability to reindex products, such as FixedBundles and Collections to generate PLP and PDP responses.
  • Ability to delete the value of an attribute or field using the keyword #DELETE# in the import feed.
  • Added feed support for product and/or SKU association with model attributes.
  • Ability to honor the attribute entity changes and addition of model entity in the B2B and B2C Reindexer feed.
  • Ability to honor the data type model and the model entity in the Reindexer feed.
  • Ability to handle reference model values in product and/or SKU Import feed.
  • Added import support to create multiple attribute values for reference model type.
  • Ability to honor the model field type and additional columns in Attribute Import feed.
  • Ability to enter a maximum number of quantities that can be preordered for a particular SKU. 
  • Ability to import/export multiple attribute values for template model type.
Storefront Orchestration
  • Ability to run SFO Merchandise Publish feed for B2B to push the category related messages to RabbitMQ.
  • Ability to run SFO Merchandise Listener feed for B2B to document the category messages in SOLR.
  • GDPR compliance to delete customer records.
  • Ability to identify the loyalty points summary for a specific duration.
  • Ability to set up categories and its milestones as multi-locale in the Merchandising Admin reindexer feed, which enables the Merchandising Admin user to see the product categorization in their desired language.
  • The Reindexer feed for Merchandising Admin has been implemented.
  • Ability to import category, site navigation, etc. from the local computer to the Merchandising service.

Note: To trigger or schedule an ETL job using a Spring Batch job, see Feed Job.

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