This page gives an overview of the Loyalty microservice, including core features, for the Infosys Equinox platform.


Infosys Equinox Commerce Loyalty enables businesses to serve their customers with rewards that help them out on increasing their customer retention and revenue. In the emerging marketing trends, there could be various loyalty programs set up by the business wherein the customers get rewards against them as an encouragement towards their frequent purchases. It gives you the capability to set up and schedule time-bounded loyalty programs such that the customers can use them to earn, track, and redeem rewards.

Core Features

  • Pre-integrated with promotions and user management
  • Supports loyalty points accumulation
  • Create and redeem vouchers
  • Rich API aware loyalty system
  • Scalable Loyalty APIs
  • Admin and CSR functionality
  • Detailed product and user views
  • Points and rewards management
  • Forfeit points rules
  • Point display on the PDP
  • Effective dates for each loyalty program
  • Pre-integrated with the user module
  • CSR admin tool for managing Loyalty statuses
  • Set user tiers (New!)

Rule Engine

Infosys Equinox Commerce Loyalty provides a flexible rules-based approach to manage the loyalty workflow. Businesses can define rule patterns based on a range of expressions consisting of various logical operators and custom-defined fields (for example, user profile related information, order value information, etc.).

Earn & Redeem

The primary purpose of Loyalty is to retain the existing customers and attract new customers by allowing them to earn rewards (i.e., points, stars, miles, etc.) based on their activities and redeem those rewards using the customer’s bank of earned points. Typically, points are awarded for customer activity including, for example,

  • creating a login
  • signing up for promotional emails
  • updating their customer profile
  • referring a friend
  • liking the business on Facebook

Revision History

2022-11-01 | AN- Updated for 8.12 release.
2021-12-30 | SW – minor updates.
2020-09-28 | SW – Updated the Core Features.
2020-05-31 | JP – Content uploaded for June 2020 release.
2019-11-01 | JP – Page created and content uploaded.