This page gives an overview of the Payment microservice for the Infosys Equinox platform.


One of the important steps in the consumer journey for placing an online order is the management of the payment. The Payment microservice (“Payment”) facilitates the processing of payments made via different payment instruments. Payments can be made using multiple payment types or instruments that the Payment microservice is configured to accept. Some of the commonly used payment types, such as the ones made using credit and debit cards are processed via a payment gateway. Payment supports extensions to various payment gateways through the installation of relevant plug-ins. However, payments made via the CyberSource payment gateway is supported out-of-the-box.

In addition to the payments made against an order, payment reversals and cancellations for returns and cancellations are also managed by the Payment microservice.

Core Feature

The key features in Payment microservice are listed below:

  • Code lives in one place so it’s easier to maintain and make changes
  • Flexibility to change payment providers easily with a modular interface
  • Extend payments anywhere, not just e-commerce
  • Keep the integration work with your payment provider compartmentalized into a single interface.
  • Handles duplicate payment profile
  • Allow an error to be displayed for the duplicate payment profile created with the same card.
  • Integration with 3P for gift card payments 
  • Allow transactions without going through the 3D check process for subsequent checks and pay with the same card.
  • Supports Payment Reconciliation Report with merchant data
  • Secure sensitive data through encryption mechanism
  • Support for payment methods such as cards, store credits, or reward points to pay for an order
  • Tracks all payment transactions – success and failures

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