This page gives an overview of the Pricing microservice, including core features, for the Infosys Equinox platform.


The Pricing microservice (“Pricing”) allows a pricing manager to create and manage multiple price lists, with each price list having its own currency and its own individual optional price types. The Pricing microservice is independent of the Catalog microservice, enabling a client to use Infosys Equinox’s Catalog microservice or an alternative third-party catalog service of their choice. Infosys Equinox’s Pricing microservice provides pricing for stock keeping units (SKUs), each of which can have a default price (evergreen price) as well as pricing based on quantity and/or a schedule. Pricing managers can easily import pricing data into the Pricing service using a very simple spreadsheet import template. Infosys Equinox Pricing utilizes a rigorous project-based approval workflow based on assigned roles and permissions with a complete audit trail and full versioning to ensure that only approved prices are available to the consumer user.

As with all microservices in the Infosys Equinox solution, individual price lists are associated to a store managed by the Store microservice. Stores often serve multiple regions and store association permits the Pricing manager to define a price list for each region.

Note: To preserve data integrity, Store association only allows the Pricing manager to choose price lists within the same collection.

See the Pricing glossary for definitions of some key Pricing microservice terms.

Core Features

  • Create and manage custom price types
  • User-defined (variable) price with a pre-configured minimum and maximum for items such as Gift Cards
  • Supports prices for any SKU identified by an ID.
  • Ability to set an evergreen price (price applicable for any time or quantity).
  • Ability to set a price for a scheduled period.
  • Ability to set subscription price as a % discount from the transaction price.
  • Ability to delete prices.
  • Bulk import/export of price lists with the easy-to-use spreadsheet format
  • Support for B2C and B2B flows
  • Project-based workflow approval with audit trail
  • Supports roles and permissions
  • Ability to retrieve prices dynamically based on user, segment, user’s particular step in the customer journey and process these prices with additional steps such as a discount and roundoff, and a specific format.
  • Multiple price lists each with its own currency to enable e-commerce in multiple geographies
  • Scheduled prices with an unlimited number of schedules
  • Ability to view the Import Summary report.
  • Ability to download and view the failed items with the reason for import failure.
  • Ability to copy a pricelist or price rule. 
  • Ability to create and manage a price rule. 
  • Ability to delete (soft delete) the Evergreen Price from a SKU via the project approval workflow.
  • Ability to create and manage different price rules based on customer attributes (such as customer segment, customer type, etc.). 
  • Ability to make adjustments like mark up, markdown, and rounding-off options based on different conditions for a price rule. 
  • Ability to publish the pricing data from the authoring environment to the production environment. 
  • Ability to skip or consume project approval workflow in the Pricing console. 
  • Configure the price rule with different account types (New!)
  • Support price facets in the PLP page (New!)
  • Configure the price rule for normal flow and subscription flow (New!)


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