This page gives an overview of the Reporting microservice for the Infosys Equinox platform.


Reporting service provides REST APIs to create and view reports from various data sources. A report contains an aggregation query, which is executed in a data source that is configured in the collection properties. Multiple reports can be created in a collection. Each report executes the query associated with it and parses the result in the common model. With this model, the data can be shown visually in a graph and chart format. The default data source in this version is Amazon Redshift.

Core Features

  • Google Analytics tagging is built-into the front end, making it fast and easy to generate reports.
  • Out of the box reports for Line level order reporting, product reporting, and wish list reporting
  • Cart and checkout abandonment reports
  • Generate data extracts in flat files using third-party tools such as Tableau, etc. for dashboarding.
  • Order – Order give the information related to all orders placed on the site. This includes Order View and OrderLine View extracts.
  • Product – An extract of all the products that are in the Store catalog.
  • Wishlist – An extract of all the lists and their corresponding list items.
  • Promotions – A Promotion extract contains the consumption details of the promotions and can be used to determine how promotions are performing.
  • Auditlog – Auditlog lists login history details of the admin users of “InfosysEquinoxADMIN”.
  • Cart – A list of all pending carts in the site at that current time.

Revision History
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