Configure Attributes

An attribute is a property that defines a product and its stock-keeping units (SKUs). You can configure attributes for a given locale for products, categories, accounts (for a B2B store), and customers. The Product Attributes, Product Attribute Group, Category Attributes, Account Attributes (for a B2B store), and Customer Attributes related settings are configured in the Attributes tab. To configure the attributes, you need to navigate to Settings > Attributes.

How can I?

  • Configure attributes from the listing page
  • Create an attribute for a product for the default locale
  • Create an attribute for the other locales
  • Create a product attribute group
  • Create a category attribute
  • Create a customer attribute
  • Create an account attribute (for a B2B store)

Configure an attribute

Configure product attributes, product attribute group, category attributes, customer attributes, and account attributes (for a B2B store) in just a few clicks.

How can I?

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Video Contents

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • About attributes listing page (0:12)
  • Create an attribute for default locale (0:48)
  • Create an attribute for other locale (3:50)
  • Create a Product Attribute Group (5:15)
  • Create a Category Attribute (6:32)
  • Create a Customer Attribute (6:32)
  • Create an Account Attribute (8:08)

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