This page gives an overview of the Lists microservice for the Infosys Equinox platform.


The Lists microservice (“Lists”) allows online consumers or buyers to create their own lists and add items to the lists so that they can be purchased at a later point in time. Some common types of lists include Wishlist, Favorites, and Save For Later. Lists also allows various configurations that offer the flexibility for stores to have better control over the lists created by consumers. For example, a store can restrict the number of lists to one (1) (e.g. Favorites) or allow consumers to create multiple lists. A list’s access type (Private or Public) determines whether or not the list created by a consumer can be shared with others. Consumers can move products from a list to their cart or vice versa, based on the list type.

Core Features

  • Wish lists are pre-integrated and out of the box
  • Supports Registry lists, including list sharing, finding lists and removing purchased items from the list.
  • Supports registered and guest users.
  • APIs to build a custom listing or registry if you prefer a custom format
  • Customer management of their lists via the OMS system
  • Print list with barcode for in-store purchase
  • Landing pages, marketing pages and checklist support
  • Advanced sharing capabilities

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