This page gives an overview of the Order microservice, including core features, for the Infosys Equinox platform.


The Infosys Equinox Order microservice (“Order”) enables direct access to all orders across the channels in which your business operates, including web stores, mobile applications, through point of sale (POS), or Internet of things (IoT) devices. Order has functionality that allows the business to maintain and route orders, cancel, refund, appease or duplicate orders. All these functions are available to your business in the same place through Infosys Equinox’s customer service representative (CSR) friendly web-based console (“Console”).

As with all microservices in the Infosys Equinox solution, an Order collection is associated with a store managed by the Store microservice. Order allows the Store Manager to update the status of an order or of an item in order so that they are better managed. The Store Manager also has the option to update the notes for an order so that any additional information can be made available to the CSR or other agents who act on these orders. Some of the other activities pertaining to order such as order cancellations and returns are handled using the Order microservice. These actions are in turn tied with the Inventory and the Payment microservices, as required, wherein the amount paid is refunded on a returned order, authorization is canceled on a canceled order, etc.

The entire order flow is managed using the Camunda BPM workflow engine and customizations can be managed by making necessary changes to the workflow. See to learn more.

See the Order glossary for definitions of some key Order microservice terms.

Core Features

Order’s powerful interface simplifies controlling all orders, allowing the business to streamline its order management with the following functionality:

  • In-store and online orders
  • Role-based, customer-centric CSR tool to maintain orders, provide tracking and cancellation functions.
  • Integrates into fraud and WMS
  • Workflows with roles and queues
  • Workflow engine allows easy modeling of business rules
  • CSR tool can track users, recent order status, view activity history, process appeasements, clone orders, and edit status of an order.
  • CSR tool can shop on behalf of customers
  • Multiple fulfillment vendors supported
  • Easily integrate with internal and/or third-party software for payment, fulfillment, shipping,  and Tax calculation.
  • Refund, replace, exchange, reconcile by a CSR on behalf of a customer on the order/item level for B2B & B2C.
  • Add additional charges for returned, replaced, exchanged, reconciled items by a CSR on the order/item level.
  • Generate a shipping label when a product is returned in return or exchange flow.
  • Receive notifications upon the initiation of return or refund of the order and the confirmation of exchange or replacement of the order.
  • Place an order even when there is no inventory available
  • Place orders within the budget limits of the cost center by a buyer-org user
  • Track the status of the items that are yet to be delivered
  • Link Guest purchases to consumer accounts
  • Manage order cancellations
  • Configure and customize line item level order workflow definition through a BPM flow
  • Setup automated workflows and automatically create orders with a single application programming interface (API) call.
  • Synchronize orders with inventory and stay up to date with sales in real-time
  • Bring orders from all sales channels into one central system
  • View and sort all orders along with consumer information related to orders
  • View all order item details
  • Get a detailed overview of order total, taxes, and promotions applied
  • Resend order-related emails to customers 
  • Provide order based appeasements to customers 
  • Support multiple shipment options such as Ship-To-Home, Ship-To-Store & Store Pickup.
  • Camunda BPM – supports customization of order status and order flows. 
  • Ability to categorize order tabs like Total Orders, In Progress Orders, Failed Orders, and Back Orders. (New!)
  • Ability to define and view exchanged orders, replaced orders, and reconciled orders in the left navigation panel. (New!)
  • Ability to configure the fraud check interval period (in minutes). (New!)
  • Ability to configure a remorse period which allows to update or cancel an order. (New!)

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