This page gives an overview of the Tax microservice for the Infosys Equinox Commerce platform.


The Tax microservice (“Tax”) facilitates the computation of taxes on items and shipping. Computation is usually handled by the tax service provider that can be integrated with Infosys Equinox Commerce. In case of a failure in the third-party tax service, the system will fall back on the default tax payment processing. In the default tax processing, the store has the option to choose between a flat rate of tax (e.g. $2) or a flat percentage (e.g. 2%) and tax will be computed accordingly.

Core Features

  • Flexible rules to use your own tax provider for the right geography
  • Tax exclusions on a per-SKU basis to ensure compliance
  • Built-in integration to speed up deployment
  • Change tax providers easily when needed
  • Choose between a flat rate of tax or a flat percentage in the default tax processing and tax will be computed accordingly

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