This page provides Business administrators a user guide for the Notification microservice for the Infosys Equinox platform.

Overview – Getting Started

Accessing the Notifications Console

The Notification microservice (“Notification”) sends email and short message service (SMS) or text notifications, integrating events between Infosys Equinox microservices and third-party services. Notification can be used to create and manage specific actions for any events that can be triggered in other microservices.

For a detailed overview of the Notification microservice, see the Notification Microservice Overview.


Accessing the Notifications Console

Overview – Getting Started | Notifications Page

To access the Notification console,

  1. Login to the Foundation service for your business (URL provided by Infosys Equinox ).
  2. Click Notifications in the StoreOps page.

    The All Notifications page appears:

Notifications Page

Accessing the Notifications Console | Revision History

In the Notifications page, you can:


  • Pagination option appears in all screens that contain the notification information.
  • To navigate to the next page, click Next.
  • By default, 10 rows per screen will be displayed.

Configuring Search Parameters

On the Notifications page, you can search for notifications, modify the search fields in the header, and modify the appearance of the notifications rows per screen.

Searching for Notifications

To search for notifications,

  1. Click the Notification IDNotification Name, and/or Event Name drop-down option in the header to open an entry field to provide search criteria.
    Note: For displaying a predefined number of notifications per screen, see Selecting Predefined Rows.
  2. Enter the desired search criteria in the search field, and then click Go.

    The notifications that match the search criteria appear:

Modify Searchable Fields

To modify the searchable fields,

  1. Click the vertical ellipse available at the beginning of the search field.
  2. Select or deselect the items to add or remove the searchable fields in the header.
    The selected or deselected searchable fields appear in the header:
  3. Click the Go button. The selected rows of notifications appear in the screen.
    Note: To reset the search field in the header, click the Reset button.

Selecting Predefined Rows

By default, 10 notifications per screen will appear, but the number of notifications per screen can be modified as follows:

  1. Click the vertical ellipse available at the beginning of the search field.
  2. Select Row Select. The Row Select appears as part of the search criteria.
  3. Select 10 Rows25 Rows, or 50 Rows from the drop-down list.

Creating a Notification

To create a notification,

  1. Click the Create a Notification button.

    The Create page appears:
  2. In the Create page, enter or select the required information:

    Field Description
    Name* Enter the name of the notification.
    Event* Enter the appropriate event name for the notification. 
    Description* Enter the relevant description.
    Action Select the action for the notification. The actions are:
    • Email – enable the toggle to send the notification via an email.
    • SMS – enable the toggle to send the notification via a SMS.

    You can enable Email and/or SMS action.

    Template When the action is selected as Email, the Template field is enabled. You can add the email template in this field for the notification.
    Message When the action is selected as SMS, the Message field is enabled. Add the SMS template in this field for the notification.
    Note: Fields marked with * are mandatory.
  3. Click the Save button. The newly created notification appears in the Notifications page.
    Note: To discard the changes, click Cancel.

Viewing or Editing a Notification

To view and/or edit a notification,

  1. Click the desired notification row.

    The Edit page appears:
  2. Click the edit icon.
  3. Update the necessary notification details.
  4. Click the Save button. The notification details are updated.
    Note: To discard the changes, click Cancel.

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