This page gives an overview of the Storefront Orchestration microservice for the Infosys Equinox platform.


The Storefront Orchestration microservice handles interactions among different services in Service-Oriented Architecture. Typically it is a controller that acts as the “orchestrator” of the overall service interactions. This generally follows a request-response type pattern.

The purpose of the microservice is to streamline and optimize frequent and repeatable processes. This ensures accurate and quick end-to-end processing as services can be executed in parallel or asynchronously.

Core Features

Service Features

Ability to place orders only within the available budget of the cost center.

Ability to view and apply promotions based on the account to which the user belongs to.

Ability to view & manage custom properties for accounts.

Customer Service Ability to delete the customer’s account as part of GDPR compliance in the SFO perspective.
Ability to merge cart items and list items from the guest account to the registered account.
Pricing Ability to access the variable price in the cart page and validate the Min-Max range.
A storefront’s guest or registered user can:
  • View the prices in PLP, PDP, Cart & Checkout for SKUs based on the price rule. (New!)
  • Obtain prices based on the conditions configured in the price rule based on user property or reg/guest user flows. (New!)
  • Filter the products based on the default price, which is based on the pricelist associated with the store. (New!)



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