Admin Workspace

Once you log in to the application, the workspace displays the left navigation menu, header, presets, search, and import/export links.

In this section, you will understand the following admin workspace elements:

 The following screen displays the workspace components:


The Home page displays the functions for a specific role.

Left Navigation Menu

Using the left navigation menu, you can open the admin console for different functional modules.

The left navigation menu consists of the following:

 To view the complete left navigation,

  1. Log in to Simba using the credentials provided to you.
  2. Click the image Arrow icon in the left navigation. The left navigation menu is displayed with text description.



The header section appears on all the pages of the Simba console. The section displays the  Store Name, Live to launch a Store, and view Username.


 The following table provides the field description for the header:




Use this to search for products or customers or orders.

Store Name

Select the store name from the drop-down list. This helps to navigate to the required store.

Launch Store

Click this to preview the storefront.


Indicates the logged-in username.

  • Click on the Account Name to view the account details. You can edit the account details and change password if required. For more information, refer to Update User Account and Reset Password.
  • Click Logout to sign out of the store.


The presets section appears in the following pages/sections:

·        All Products

·        All Orders

·        All Customers

·        All Promotions

The presets for the application can be defined and customized for FILTER, VIEW, and SORT.


For more information, see Working with Presets.


You can search for data such as products or customers or orders using the Search text box in the header and the filter area.

 For more information, see Working with Search.


The IMPORT link is used to import data into the application. For example, importing products or customers into the Simba Application.


Footer View

The footer displays the items per page, total number of pages with the option to navigate to the next and previous page and move to the top.



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