Merchant Onboarding Flow

Infosys Equinox Simba  Onboarding helps a merchant to quickly onboard by setting up personal, business, and store details, install necessary applications, add products, create categories, and define campaigns and promotions.

To successfully onboard a merchant,

  1. Navigate to https://[domain]
  2. Add a name for the store and log in using your credentials.
  3. Add merchant’s personal details, product type, and business details.
  4. Navigate from the Welcome page to any of the following:
  5. Invite team members, assign role(s), and associate member to a store
  6. Configure settings by:
  7. Build your page using the page builder.
  8. Add your products:
  9. Configure product details (such as product description, user segment, product family, start date, status, map category, add assets, select upsell/cross-sell products, attributes, SEO, and SKU)
  10. Add categories to the group related products
  11. Create campaigns and promotions to provide offers to customers

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