The following table describes the roles and privileges of the Inventory microservice:

Inventory Admininventory/view/collectionAbility to view a collection.
inventory/create/collectionAbility to create a collection.
inventory/update/collectionAbility to update a collection.
inventory/create/BINAbility to create a bin.
inventory/view/BINAbility to view a bin.
inventory/delete/BINAbility to delete a bin.
inventory/update/BINAbility to update a bin.
inventory/create/BINITEMAbility to create a bin item.
inventory/view/BINITEMAbility to view a bin item.
inventory/delete/BINITEMAbility to delete a bin item.
inventory/update/BINITEMAbility to update a bin item.
inventory/create/TRANSACTIONAbility to create a transaction.
INV/create/TRANSACTIONAbility to create a transaction.
inventory/view/TRANSACTIONAbility to view a transaction.
inventory/delete/TRANSACTIONAbility to delete a transaction.
inventory/update/TRANSACTIONAbility to update a transaction.
inventory/view/collectionpropertyAbility to view a collection property.
inventory/update/collectionpropertyAbility to update a collection property.
ROLE_CUSTOMER_ADMINinventory/view/BINITEMAbility to view a bin item.
ROLE_CSR_ADMINinventory/view/BINITEMAbility to view a bin item.
ROLE_CSR_ASSOCIATEinventory/view/BINITEMAbility to view a bin item.
ROLE_STORE_OPERATORinventory/view/BINITEMAbility to view a bin item.

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