The following table describes the collection properties for the Search microservice:

S. No.AttributeDefault ValueDescription
1collectionclassifiersdefault_sfo_catalog_solr_collection,default_sfo_merch_solr_collection,default_merch_admin_solr_collectionContains the configuration of the classifiers name.
2defaultclassifierdefault_sfo_catalog_solr_collectionContains the configuration of the default classifier.
3sample_configuresearchredirectURLRedirect URL Sample DataIndicates the physical path of the RedirectURLSampleData template of the collection.
4sample_configuresearchsortorderSort Order Sample DataIndicates the physical path of the SortOrderSampleData template of the collection.
5sample_configuresearchsynonymcurationSynonym Sample DataIndicates the physical path of the SynonymSampleData template of the collection.
6customboostingvaluesNASpecifies the custom boosting values which are used to boost the search results.
7suggestionFromProductNameFalseSpecifies whether the product name or matching text from autosuggestion is displayed as the suggestion text. When enabled, the product name is shown as the suggestion text.

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