The following table describes the collection properties for the Shipping microservice.

S. No.AttributeDefault ValueDescription
1plugin.shippingzonetrueThis attribute
indicates the plugin used for shipping calculations.
2validateCountryCodetrueThis attribute
indicates the aliases of the countries to which shipping is allowed.
3zones50This attribute
indicates the list of shipping zones.
4methods{"PHYSICAL.Economy":{"shippingMethodName":"EconomyShipping","description":"Economy Shipping","taxCalculation":{"isTaxable":false,"taxationId":"cybersource"},"baseFee":"0","handlingFee":"0","expectedDeliveryTime":"48","expectedDaysForDelivery":"2","classes":{"DEFAULT":{"value":"0","type":"flat","calculatedAt":["perorder"]}}}}This attribute
indicates the list of shipping methods.
5classes-This attribute
indicates the list of classes associated with the items.
6allowedCountries-This attribute
indicates the list of countries to which shipping is allowed.
7calculationExpiryTime-This attribute
indicates the expiry time of the shipping charges calculated in milliseconds.
8shippingValidatorscom.skava.shipping.validator.service.ShippingCalculationValidatorThis attribute
indicates a class, which contains the validations on shipping.
9shipping.plugin.propertiesNullThis attribute provides predefined data to load the third-party plugins.

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