This page provides the events and associated payloads for the Ratings and Reviews microservice.


SL.#NameDescriptionPublish LocationRouting KeyDurabilityPayload Type
1Review ModerationThis event is triggered to moderate the newly submitted rating and review.Topic: ecommreviews.moderationTRUENotification
2Review AggregationThis event is triggered to update the rating summary when there is a new moderated rating and review.Topic: ecommreviews.aggregationTRUECatalog

Payload Models

Below is the payloads for the Ratings and Reviews microservice events:


collectionIdlongIndicates the ID of the collection.123
ratingIdlongIndicates the ID of the rating and review.340
userIdStringIndicates the ID of the customer.USER_A10
itemidStringIndicates the ID of the item.MOBILE_BRAND_23
itemnameStringIndicates the name of the item.Mobile Phone
itemdescriptionStringIndicates the description of the item.Supports 2G/3G/4G network, frontend and backend cameras, and 8GB RAM.
propertiesMapSpecifies a list of properties of the rating and review.{"ratingcolor":red}
reviewStringDenotes the review contents given by the user.Very excellent product with all the features for less cost.
reviewTitleStringDenotes the review title given by the user.Excellent Product
localeStringIndicates the locale of the rating and review.en_US
imageUrlsListIndicates a list of comma-separated image URLs.
statusRatingStatusSpecifies the status of the rating. The value can be:
  • PENDING - The admin user or moderator is yet to review the rating and review of the customer.
  • APPROVED - The approved reviews are displayed on the storefront.
  • REJECTED - The rejected reviews are not displayed on the storefront.
storeIdStringRefers to the ID of the store.WEST_STORE
businessIdlongIndicates the ID of the business.100


collectionIdlongIndicates the ID of the collection.COL45
itemidStringIndicates the ID of the item.PRODUCT124
ratingdistributionMapIndicates the rating distribution of the item.{"1":10,"2":20}
ratingfinalDoubleSpecifies the average rating of the item.4.5
ratingsCountintSpecifies the total number of reviews submitted by the customers on a specific item.198




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