The following table describes the roles and privileges of the Notification microservice:

Adminnotification/create/collectionAbility to create a collection.
notification/view/collectionAbility to view a collection.
notification/viewall/collectionAbility to view all the collections.
notification/update/collectionAbility to update a collection.
notification/view/collectionpropertiesAbility to view a collection property.
notification/update/collectionpropertiesAbility to update a collection property.
notification/create/eventAbility to create an event.
notification/update/eventAbility to update an event.
notification/delete/eventAbility to delete an event.
notification/view/eventAbility to view an event.
notification/viewall/eventAbility to view all the events.
notification/create/actionAbility to create an action.
notification/update/actionAbility to update an action.
notification/delete/actionAbility to delete an action.
notification/view/actionAbility to view an action.
notification/viewall/actionAbility to view all the actions.

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